Welcome to the VisionLib Engine Documentation. VisionLib is an augmented reality tracking library created by Visometry. It enables you to create augmented reality applications at industrial scale using computer vision tracking technologies.

VisionLib's Enhanced Model Tracking

With its so called Enhanced Model Tracking, VisionLib belongs to the most acknowledged AR tracking libraries for industrial and enterprise use. Computer vision and model tracking are key to any AR in which real physical objects, so called tracking targets, are augmented and extended with digital information. Be it for repair and maintenance, AR-based training cases, marketing or sales purposes - none of these would work without precise and reliable object detection and tracking.

We've mastered this computer vision technique, as we think it is the only suitable approach that is stable enough to track 3D objects. It helps overcoming typical "AR killers", like unstable light conditions or dynamic & changing elements in the real world.

The VisionLib Engine

In technical terms, VisionLib is a multi-platform AR tracking library that incorporates a whole box of algorithms needed for AR tracking. With those, it is determining the position of monocular or multiple cameras in respect to known objects in the real world. That is what we refer to as tracking: the device's camera targets an expected object, the camera's position is calculated in order to track those targets and thus enabling augmented reality applications.

Whatever tracking technique you use: VisionLib exposes this information for you to use it in your development environment. Here, VisionLib enables you to place your content precisely aligned to real objects with a high accuracy.

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