VisionLib SDK Packages

This page is an overview of the different packages that are provided to develop with the VisionLib SDK. Each of them can be downloaded from the customer area.

Currently the following packages are provided:

  • VisionLib.SDK-Unity
  • VisionLib.SDK-Native
  • VisionLib.SDK-Documentation

Note: All package and file names do also contain their version number in semantic versioning e.g. VisionLib.SDK-2.0.0-Unity.tgz. For readability purposes, they are left out in the following overview.

VisionLib SDK - Unity


  • VisionLib.SDK-Unity.tgz - UPM (Unity Package Manager) package containing the core VisionLib SDK
  • VisionLib.SDK.Examples-Unity.unitypackage - Unity Package containing the examples for the core VisionLib SDK. Requires the VisionLib SDK UPM package
  • Extensions - contains the HoloLens and ARFoundation extension packages and examples described below
  • LicenseTool - contains a command line interface application that can be used to find out your hostID or generate modelIDs that are both used during the licensing process

VisionLib SDK - HoloLens

  • VisionLib.SDK.HoloLens-Unity.tgz - UPM package containing scripts and prefabs to use VisionLib's model tracking on HoloLens and HoloLens 2. Requires the VisionLib SDK UPM package and Unity's XR Plugin.
  • VisionLib.SDK.HoloLens.Examples-Unity.unitypackage - Unity Package containing examples of VisionLib's model tracking on HoloLens. Requires the VisionLib SDK - HoloLens UPM package.

VisionLib SDK - ARFoundation (Experimental)

  • VisionLib.SDK.ARFoundation-Unity.tgz - UPM package containing scripts and prefabs to use VisionLib's model tracking together with Unity's ARFoundation. Requires the VisionLib SDK UPM package and Unity's ARFoundation Plugin.
  • VisionLib.SDK.ARFoundation.Examples-Unity.unitypackage - Unity Package containing examples that combine VisionLib tracking with ARFoundation functionality. Requires the VisionLib SDK - ARFoundation UPM package.

Importing the Packages in Unity

Importing the core VisionLib SDK

Note: You will need Unity 2019 or higher in order to use the Package Manager. We recommend using Unity 2019.4 LTS.

  • Download the from the customer area and extract it locally
  • Import the tarball file VisionLib.SDK-Unity.tgz via Unity's Package Manager

Note: UPM package contents are not saved as files in the Unity project (only a reference to the tarball file is stored in Packages/package-lock.json). Therefore the location of the tarball file is important and moving or deleting it will break the dependencies of your Unity project. To prevent that and also include the package in your version control, you can save it to the Packages folder of your project and import it from that location. This will result in a relative path in your package-lock.json. We recommend using git-lfs.

  • At this point, you are ready to go, as the UPM package contains all necessary scripts and prefabs to develop VisionLib applications
  • The according assets will appear in the project view under Packages / VisionLib SDK

Adding Examples

  • To understand how the VisionLib SDK can be used within Unity, take a look at the example scenes and assets inside the VisionLib.SDK.Examples-Unity.unitypackage, which needs to be imported additionally.
  • To do that, drag the package into the project view or select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package (do not use the Package Manager in this case).
  • This will add a StreamingAssets and VisionLib Examples folder directly below Assets.

Adding an extension package

If the HoloLens or ARFoundation functionality is required, the according extension package can be imported in addition to the core VisionLib SDK.

  • Within the unpacked file, open the Extensions folder, which contains the HoloLens and ARFoundation extension packages.
  • Import the tarball file VisionLib.SDK.HoloLens-Unity.tgz / VisionLib.SDK.ARFoundation-Unity.tgz via Unity's Package Manager
  • Optional: Import the VisionLib.SDK.HoloLens.Examples-Unity.unitypackage / VisionLib.SDK.ARFoundation.Examples-Unity.unitypackage by dragging and dropping the package into the project view or select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package (do not use the Package Manager in this case)

Note: The VisionLib SDK -HoloLens and -ARFoundation package do have additional dependencies to Plugins from Unity. When adding the package to the Package Manager, those dependencies are installed automatically.

VisionLib SDK - Native

This package contains binaries, header files and a CMake configuration file to allow an integration of VisionLib into existing C/C++ projects. For further details, see Working with the C-API.

It also contains an adapter that lets you use the C interface in objective-C projects, see Working with Objective-C.

Both are illustrated with example applications that are built on top of those interfaces.

VisionLib SDK - Documentation

This package contains the documentation of the VisionLib SDK (native, Unity and the extension packages) for offline use.