Release 19.11.1

Version Info

Release date: 06.11.2019 Release info: General Release


This is a major update for VisionLib which adds:

  • A new folder structure for the vlUnityPlugin.
  • A better handling of models in Unity (by removing the obligatory rotation by 180 degrees).
  • Introducing Workspaces and AutoInit feature as a first public beta, which allows your application to find the model anywhere in the camera image.
  • Compatibility for Unity 2019.2, iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.
  • Many bugfixes and enhancements.

Thank you to all our users for giving feedback.



  • An issue has been fixed, which could lead to bad tracking performance on ARM64 bit systems. So tracking on iOS and Android devices should work much better now.



  • You can now use auto initialization to remove the need of one fixed initial pose. Please refer to the AutoInit Tutorial.
  • Invalidation of internal tracking has been improved, when using extendible tracking, which leads to a better tracking experience.

Platform specific changes


  • A new file scheme has been added for UWP. The scheme capture_dir points to the Videos/Captures directory in the Internal Storage of the HoloLens, which can be accessed via USB. You have to enable the Videos Library capability for the application to grant access to this folder. On all other platforms, this file scheme points to local_storage_dir:/records.



  • Removed the need for rotating the tracking target 180 degree around the y-axis. For legacy support, the worker behavior now has a flip model manually flag. If this is activated, all the tracker will still work with the old init poses and the tracking target requires the 180 degree rotation around the y-axis. If this is deactivated, the init pose has to be adjusted.
  • The vlUnitySDK has a new, tidy folder structure. This is not a breaking change, but we recommend using the Migration Guide when upgrading the VisionLib package in an existing project.
  • Use WorkSpaces to easily set up auto initialization for your object inside your Unity scene. Please refer to the AutoInit Tutorial.
  • The VLWorker.WaitEvents function now returns false, if the timeout elapsed without an event arriving. Previously this was just producing a warning message, which made it hard to handle this case programmatically.
  • Permissions on Unity have been overwritten for Unity 2019, which could lead to black screen on Android devices.


License Tool

  • Made it more clear for the user, which data needs to be copied for registering models.

Documentation Changes